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Brain Injury in Children

When a child’s head has been hurt, it is very important to know that they should not be treated as “little adults”. The child’s brain is still maturing and developing and that makes their injuries very different. It was once believed that younger, developing brains rebounded more effectively, but based on current studies, that may not be the case.

The brain has its greatest percentage of maturation between birth and age five. Therefore, injury to the brain during this time could have the most devastating effects. While a child may seem to heal physically from their injury shortly after it happens, the true effects on the brain may not be seen until years later. These deficits may show up in the classroom as issues with memory, decreased attention and concentration, behavior issues, difficulty taking turns, decreased frustration tolerance, seizures, headaches, and decreased endurance.

Symptoms are not limited to the above list. The Brain Injury Association of Virginia has a vast library of information on pediatric brain injury, the resulting consequences and their effect on the student in the classroom, and a variety of related topics. To request more information from BIAV, complete our Resource Request Form or contact us at 804-355-5748 or 1-800-444-6443.

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