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Welcome to our online resources library. The documents are organized according to subject and can also be found throughout our site. 

We are continually adding new information and resources to our site so check back often!

About BIAV

2015-2016 Annual Report
BIAV Brochure
BIAV Historical Timeline
Media Kit
Rights of Persons Served
Strategic Plan


2013 Virginia Statewide Brain Injury Services and Needs Assessment Executive Summary
Brain Injury: A Guide for Virginia's Policy Makers
How to Contact Your Legislator
Legislative Advocacy Action Group Form

Awareness and Prevention

A Home Fall Prevention Checklist for Older Adults
Domestic Violence and TBI
Easy Steps to Properly Fit a Bike Helmet


A Concussion is a Brain Injury: Get the Facts
Amanda's Story
CDC Concussion Surveillance

Get Involved

Donation Form
The Importance of Becoming a Member
Membership Form
Why Your Donation Matters

Learn About Brain Injury

CDC TBI Fact Sheet
Domestic Violence and TBI
Resource Request Form
Some Basic Information About Brain Injury (English)
Some Basic Information About Brain Injury (Spanish)
Taking Care of Yourself After a Mild TBI
The Rehabilitation Process
This Is Your Brain
Working with Individuals with a Brain Injury: A Professionals Guide

Supporting You

Resource Request Form
Services for People with Brain Injury in Virginia

TBI in Children

Brain Injury in the Schools: A Guide for Educators Meeting the Educational Needs of Children with TBI
Virginia Policy Summit on Brain Injury and Juvenile Justice: Report Proceedings
Taking Care of your Child After Their Head's Been Hurt
The Lasting Impact of Mild TBI in Children

TBI and the Military

TBI and the Military: Services in Virginia
Working with Individuals with Brain Injury: A Professionals Guide
Virginia Veteran and Family Services Progress Report (formerly Virginia Wounded Warrior Program)

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